How a leading Business School in France conducted 100% online exams under full control.

How a leading Business School in France conducted 100% online exams under full control.

With education remaining online in 2021, one of the leading Business Schools in France decided to change its exam policy and lead the way to organize online exams. Of course, they had many doubts & challenges at first. Instead of cancelling the exams, they decided to conduct exams fairly and transparently in order to uphold the value of their diplomas. The school was faced with the following  challenges: 

  1. They did not have trained internal resources to conduct exams online
  2. They were not equipped with a solution to proctor the exams or to do live proctoring
  3. They did not have the know-how or resources to provide live support to students for a seamless experience
  4. They could not generate authentic reporting to provide transparency to the exam process

The school outsourced the entire exam process to ReMotion mainly because it provided an End-to-End service portfolio. With ReMotion it proceeded as follows: 

Before the exam:

Setting the Exam and configuring it online
  1. The Business School set up the exams for each subject using multiple formats like multiple choice questions (MCQ’s), subjective and practical questionnaires and it was integrated within our systems 
  2. Each exam had a unique set of students and they were Onboarded to the platform with Live Support. The platform doesn’t need any installs and downloads so as to make it very simple for the students. 
  3. Each exam had a set schedule on the calendar and a fixed time duration

During the exam:

Live Invigilation & Proctoring
  1. The system authenticated each student for their Id’s and also verified that they were in a neutral environment with no one else in the room 
  2. The students were provided with live support during the exam and they could contact the support team  via  chat, email or phone in case they faced any issues. This proved really helpful for students who faced connection problems  and/or other technical issues. 
  3. Each student was proctored using our Humology system, where our AI algorithms check for any fraudulent behavior like Tab Change, Gaze detection, Voice detection and most importantly Pattern Detection of repeated suspicious behaviour. The exams were proctored live by humans to flag off live activities. 
  4. Once the exam was completed, students submitted their answers which were sent to the Business school for corrections. 

After the exam:

Individual Reports for each student
  1. There were individual reports made for each student for each exam which included details such as  where they logged in from, their authentication details and snapshots of their activities during the exam with images. In case there was suspicious behaviour detected, it was reported. 
  2. The detailed AI reports with flags were made available to the Business school for their verification and records if they needed it. 

As a result of this partnership more than 100 exams were conducted seamlessly with control and visibility for the school and ease and simplicity for the students. The objective of providing the requisite evaluation of students as per their standards was met. 

At Remotion we aim to partner  with Academic Institutes to provide them and their students’ seamless exam and evaluation solutions which are beyond just proctoring. Our goal is  to take away the entire hassle from the institutes so that they can focus on the more essential academic activities . As  each institution is on a different path of digitization, we are quite agile and ready to work closely with our partners to design the system that corresponds to  their specific needs. 

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