5 Important aspects for choosing an “Online Exam Management” Solution.

5 Important aspects for choosing an “Online Exam Management” Solution.

As 2021 progresses, remote education continues to be the new normal. Over the last year, Universities and Colleges have taken many approaches to conduct exams – some have cancelled exams, while others have changed their formats of exams. Today, as institutions are realizing the benefits of online exams for themselves and for their students, more and more are moving towards virtual online exams. 

The key questions around exam integrity & fairness are finding solutions, however, institutions need to choose a partner for their Complete Exam Management to be able to conduct exams at scale in a hassle-free manner. The 5 things to keep before choosing a solution are:

1. The solution should have a live support feature for students: The online exam environment is very new and stressful for the students and it is important that the solution provides Live Support before and during the exam so that there is no added stress for the students and they feel that there is someone to help them out in case they get into a problem.

2. It should be seamless to operate with no installations required: This is critical for both students and the institutions. Normally most solutions require some installations and integrations with the LMS or web browsers. This adds a level of complexity for all involved and it’s preferable to choose a solution that is easy to use along with the current systems without integrations.

3. It should offer Proctoring with a blend of AI and Human Judgement: AI offers lots of benefits to ensure the integrity of exams and generates automatic flags for suspicious behavior which aids the proctoring process, however completely fair assessments for students are not possible without good human judgment. The solution should provide a blended approach.

4. It should involve no training for the institution: Educational institutions have enough on their plate with handling the big changes that were demanded of them due to the pandemic. Any new solution that requires hours of training for their administrators & staff is a burden to them and it’s important that the solution you choose can be implemented without any additional training requirements. 

5. It should offer easy-to-understand Digitized Reports: The process of conducting exams is of course important, but the most critical thing for the institutions is the reports which provide a view to the actual exam. They should be easy to understand and give a quick assessment to the administrators, instead of reports which have a lot of data that need the administrators to spend a lot of time on them.

Conducting online exams fairly with full integrity that maintains the credibility of the institution is already a difficult task, the solution that you choose should definitely be simple and easy to implement. ReMotion offers solutions and services for fully outsourcing the exam administration & proctoring.

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