Integrated Assessments system to manage online exams in one place

  • Organize
  • Authenticate
  • Control
  • Report

Reamotion I-Assess Features

No need to worry about any aspect of online assessment organization now. We take care of everything.

How can institutes benefit:

  • - Reliable & Trustworthy Online Assessments
  • - Flexibility for International Candidates
  • - Comfort & Safety for all Candidates
  • - Considerable time saving & organizational flexibility

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Geraldine BORDE

Higher Education Executive

“Technology will provide the safe guard schools are looking for. Assessments will be thought through with upstream (identity verification), and downstream (measurement and monitoring at all stages) indicators. Online solutions are a way to succeed in evaluating the student on his skills. Online examination solutions allow :

- a considerable saving of time (supervision, room preparation, room storage)

- a gain of availability for the actors (pedagogy, speakers, supervisor)

- a gain in reliability (recorded measurements)

- a gain in organizational flexibility”

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