ReMotion Proctor – Candidate panel manual

ReMotion Proctor – Candidate panel manual

ReMotion Proctor is a platform for online exams. When using ReMotion Proctor you don’t need to install any apps onto your computer.

You just need an internet connection with at least 1 mb/ps and a laptop with the following configuration:

  • Webcam: at least VGA quality
  • Microphone: Laptop internal microphone
  • Preferred Browser: Firefox

Please check these minimum requirements and let us know if you have any issues.

Checking the ReMotion panel before an exam is highly recommended. If you face any difficulties please contact us.

Logging in to the platform

If you are already a registered user please skip this part.

If this is your first time, please follow the instructions:

  1. Check your email and open the invitation for Examiner. If you cannot find it, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the invitation please contact us.

After opening the invitation email, please click on the login button. We identify your credentials and create an account for you automatically.

If you are already registered:
  1. Go to and press the Login / Signup button.
  2. Choose your language and enter your username and password.

3. Complete your profile:

After logging in, please complete the following with your full name and your phone number. You will also need to add a profile picture.

Profile picture requirements: at least 1300×1600 pixels and 300dpi with a file size between 1-5 MB.

List of your exams:

 You can see the list of exams that you create on the “My Exams” page.

By clicking on “Exams Calendar” you can see your exam schedule in our calendar.

Entering an exam session

What materials will I need to have to start my exam?

  • One form of government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, military ID, student ID, etc.)
  • A working webcam and microphone
  • A strong internet connection
  • A private & quiet room

Access permission

  1. Choose the “My Exams” option, then click on the exam title. You can also enter an exam directly by clicking on the link in the invitation email.

The link for entering the exam is active 10 minutes before the starting time to allow time to add identification information. The amount of delay time is defined by the organization which creates the exam.

2. After entering the exam, you will see the windows shown below. Please read the terms and conditions and confirm the necessary permissions for your browser. To see more detail on permissions, please check the access control page.


  1. We need a different photo of you for the authentication process. 

For example, you can simply look directly at your webcam and capture a picture.

At any step, if the quality of the photo is not to your liking, you will have the option to retake it. Once you confirm, your photo will appear in the next step and will no longer be able to be modified. 

2. As shown in the example below, turn your face to the left and capture a left profile picture. This photo will be checked to confirm that you don’t have a headset in your ear.

3. Now turn your face to right and capture a second profile picture and confirm it to go the next step.

4. In this step you see a short text. Please press the record button and then read the text out loud. Once you finish reading the text you can stop the recording. In this step you will have the option to re-record your voice if you like and then confirm, (this feature is not available in all versions).

5. After recording your voice, we will ask you to take a 360-degree panorama photo of your room, (this feature is not available in all versions).

6. In the last authentication step, we will ask you to show your ID card. We use this to confirm your identity.

Starting the exam

  1. Once you finish your authentication, you will see the timer for entering the exam. When the counter finishes, you will see the exam questions and content.

During the exam, any of the suspicious activities listed above will be flagged. Human supervisors and artificial proctors may notify you during the exam in the message box provided.

Actions and behaviors that will be flagged during an exam: 

  • Talking aloud: Unless you have a special accommodation, talking or whispering aloud during the exam is not permitted.
  • Being out of camera view: Your face, chin to forehead, needs to be in the camera view at all times.
  • Anyone entering your testing area: You may not have anyone else in your testing location with you.
  • Anyone talking to you while you’re in your testing area: Additional noises, including other people talking to you, while you’re in your exam are not allowed.
  • Looking off-screen: If you aren’t allowed any materials, your eyes should stay on the screen at all times while testing.
  • Utilizing materials that are not allowed: You’re only allowed the permitted materials allowed by your instructor. 
  • Taking pictures or screenshots of the exam: Taking pictures while in your exam, including screenshots, is not permitted. If you’re on a Mac and have a live human proctored launch, your proctor will even turn off the ability to use your keyboard screenshot hotkeys. 
  • Copying and pasting any elements of the exam: In most cases, our system will not allow you to copy and paste any content from your exam. Regardless of whether you can or cannot perform this function, our system will capture all events of copy and paste that occur. 
  • Utilizing a virtual machine: Virtual machines can be detected through the pre-exam system check, and are not permitted. 
  • Utilizing a secondary monitor: You are only allowed to use one monitor attached to one computer during your exam.

2. After you finish your answers, please click “end exam” to finalize the exam.

After the Exam

You will receive your notes and feedback-based examiner outline.

After finalizing the exam results you will be able to delete the video, photos, and voice from our platform. We will keep only anonymous data (time a candidate enters exam, time, and result) If you would like to destroy all of your data please contact us.