How artificial intelligence (AI) is improving online exams & proctoring

How artificial intelligence (AI) is improving online exams & proctoring

Online exams no longer limit students to a physical location or a specific exam time thanks to the rapid technological revolution that is driving changes in demand for advanced online proctoring solutions. As a result, schools and students are embracing AI-powered virtual platforms, and they are now standard practice.

How can AI-based remote monitoring tools ensure increased safety and a holistic experience for teachers and students?

Online proctoring is an effective alternative to traditional proctoring and creates a fraud prevention environment where the integrity and security of exams is ensured through the integration of machine learning technologies.

What are the benefits of online proctoring (remote monitoring)?

Remote proctoring provides additional scalability to perform assessments without additional human resources.
Reduce exam stress for students. No need to travel, students can take their exams in the comfort of their own home.

Key benefits of the ReMotion solution:
ReMotion makes online exams easier and more reliable and offers an AI-powered solution to control the entire exam organisation process by ensuring:

  • Exam preparation
  • Integration into the LMS environment
  • Candidate authentication
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Listening to the background sound
  • Detection of mobile phone use by students
  • Monitoring of non-physical movements such as smiling, email opening, internet access and Google
    Detection of eye movements.
  • If the candidate is involved in cheating activities by trying to move their eyes to other objects, the system detects the misconduct.
  • One report per exam per student

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