Computer-based Exams and Remote Proctoring becoming popular for insurance agents.

Computer-based Exams and Remote Proctoring becoming popular for insurance agents.

Remote Proctoring & Online exams are becoming the new norm in the insurance industry. Here are some recent examples :

  1. The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) announces that remote testing for prospective insurance agents accounts for nearly 40% of all insurance producer exams so far this year.
  2. The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), a Moody’s Analytics company and Canada’s leading provider of financial services education and credentials, has announced that students will now be able to take exams online with remote proctoring.
  3. India’s insurance regulator IRDA has allowed insurance companies to conduct agent exams through remote mode on a pilot basis in select cities.

This is happening across the board and will soon be adopted by Insurance regulators, departments & companies across the board because of these advantages:

1.Enhanced Cheating-free Exams:

With AI and human proctors working alongside, there is no way candidates can cheat in exams and get away with it. In fact in most cases the “fraud detection” is even better than in person invigilation. It’s a combination of video monitoring, detection of objects like mobile phones, tab change, google search etc that are tracked during proctoring.

2. Convenience for candidates:

Candidates can give exams at their convenient time & from their homes giving them huge flexibility. All this is done keeping privacy in mind & the  candidates and their systems are monitored only during the exam session, ensuring no breach of privacy or system data security.

3. International Accessibility for Candidates:

This is great for multinationals, as they can conduct exams across the globe without the organizaitional hassles of physical exams. For candidates also it’s a great opportunity as they can upgrade their skills sitting anywhere in the world & enhance their career potential. This also encourages better accessibility with diversity and inclusion.

4. Immediate Certification & feedback- Auto-generated:

The assessment results are quickly delivered to the candidates.In most cases given the rules of the company, the certification and feedback can be made available right after the certification exam or assessment, if the candidate qualifies. It can be generally viewed online or downloaded as a PDF document.

5. Large scale exams done simultaneously:

The proctored exams can accommodate 1000’s of candidates simultaneously, from anywhere in the world. This enhances scalability for companies & removes the operational hassle.

6. Reporting and Analytics:

The exam data is gathered for reporting purposes and organizations can evaluate the efficacy of the exams. Over a period of time, the data can help companies look at data and improve their exam processes. Also the company an have access to recordings of exams, which can be a very useful tool for future analysis & improvements.

At Remotion, we offer full proctoring services to organisations looking to transform their assessments & make them more effective. There are AI tools to authenticate candidates, monitor their activity during the exam, put controls in place like remote browser control & much more. Please write to us at [email protected] for fixing a demo meeting.